​Past Works


A feature documentary film about Rastafarai movement of the world in this time.  This documentary explore Africa, South America, Los Angeles, and Japan to visualize the life as a Rastafari and it features legendary Reggae artists such as Bunny Wailer, Maricia Griffiths, and Luciano.  .   It spent over 14 years to accomplish the project and it won several awards.


Client: Tsuburaya Production

Approaching a question, "what does hero mean to you?" to engrave the corporation philosophy as one of a major film production company in Japan, Tsuburaya Production.


Client: AVEX group

Since ULTRA JAPAN has started, we've been working on Official After Movie.  We work as a local production team to look for casts, locations, and support Final Kid crews from Amsterdam.

CONTACT @ Tokyo Motor Show

Client: LeaR Inc.

Live switched a magnificent drone show done for entertaining crowds visited Tokyo Motor Show in 2019.

Moet & Chandon 

Client: Moet & Chandon

​The 50th Ceremony for Moet & Chandon in Tokyo held in Team Lab Borderless Roppongi.  We joined as editing as well as directing the 3 projects.

Skandia Bank Commercial


Nicky Romero Touloose MV

Client: AVEX group.

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