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Drone Showreel

Sequences of aerial shots made by DJI phantom3, mavic 2 pro and Inspire 2.  


A feature documentary film about the Rastafarai movement of the world during this period. This documentary explores the movement across Africa, South America, Los Angeles, and Japan, visualizing the lives of Rastafari, and featuring legendary reggae artists such as Bunny Wailer, Maricia Griffiths, and Luciano. It took over 14 years to accomplish this project and it won several awards worldwide.


Client: Tsuburaya Production

Approaching the question, "what does hero mean to you?" to inscribe the corporation philosophy as one of the major film production companies in Japan.


Client: AVEX group

Since the first ULTRA JAPAN, we've been working with Final Kid to produce the Official After Movie. We work as a local production team for the Final Kid crew flying in from Amsterdam, including casting, location services, and support.

CONTACT @ Tokyo Motor Show

Client: LeaR Inc.

We shot and live-switched a magnificent drone show, entertaining crowds who were visiting the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

Moet & Chandon 

Client: Moet & Chandon

The 50th Ceremony for Moet & Chandon in Tokyo was held in Team Lab Borderless Roppongi.  We directed and edited the three resulting projects.

Skandia Bank Commercial


Nicky Romero Touloose MV

Client: AVEX group.

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