is a film & video production company based in Tokyo and work with domestic and International clients such as Tsuburaya Production, AVEX group, Christian Dior, Volvo groups, UD Trucks and Moet Chandon.   The speciality that highrockfilm brings for the clients is creativity, reliability, flexibility and mobility.  We assort and organize crew for each projectile in order to work efficiently and get better results.  As highrockfilm works globally, we will able to find talented creatives in different regions and be able to aspire the highest quality in the film & video industry. 

About us

​Director/ Producer Hiroki Sugino


Hiroki is an award-winning director and producer.  Hiroki started highrockfilm in Los Angeles when he stayed there as a film student. Hiroki's first directed short film got selected to Akira Kurosawa Memorial Film Festival.  His first directed feature documentary film, FREEDIM won "the best feature documentary flim" and "the first director" in World Music and Independent Film Festival. It's officially selected to Toronto International Independent Film Festival and Russia Film Festival, and screened at African World Documentary Film Festival, IREP film festival and Belize International Film Festival in 2018.



2004 Panavision New Filmmaker Program

2007 Akira Kurosawa Memorial Film Festival "Official Selection"

2008 filmo "User Award"

2009 D2 Marketing Award ""

2018 World Music & Independent Film Festival "Best Feature Documentary"  "First Director"

2018 Toronto Film Festival "Semi Finalist"

2018 I Rep Film Festival "Official Screening"

2018 Africa World Documentary Film Festival "Official Screening"

2018 Belize International Film Festival "Nomination"

​2018 Moscow Film Festival "Nomination"

​2019 Hong Kong Film Festival "Best Asian Film Awards"

2019 Cyprus International Film Festival "Nomination"

2019 Italy Film Festival "Official Selection"

2019 World Film Fair  "Official Screening"

Company Info.


Company Name:highrockfilm Inc.

資本金:1,500,000 yen

Address:1-18-2 Koenjiminami Suginami Tokyo, Japan

Phone:(+81) 3-6876-9925

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