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 "For Your Visual Demands: Elevate Your Story with Our Cinematic Craftsmanship" 

We're a Japan based film & video production company that focus on delivering high-quality visual content in multilingual.  We take a creative approach to producing video content that meets the needs and visions of our clients and achieves the best possible results.  Please feel free to contact us for your video inquiry.


As a group of professionals in video production, we always focus on quality and creativity to provide services that exceed our clients' expectations.

We invite you to explore our production capabilities and concepts.



■ Our multi-language team offers a full range of services from pre-production to editing of commercials and corporate videos, music videos, event aftermovies as well as documentaries.

■ We take a creative approach to producing video content that meets the needs and vision of our clients, and we follow a careful process to achieve the best possible results.



■ In documentary filmmaking, we produce works centering on human dramas, in which people live out their lives while facing conflicts in a wide range of themes such as disasters, culture, and history.

■ On the distribution side, we are also engaged in a wide range of activities, from screening in theaters in Japan and abroad, to distribution through streaming platforms online.



Japanese audiences stand out as some of the most passionate consumers of social networking videos and theatrical masterpieces worldwide. We boast an exceptional team dedicated to crafting impeccable film subtitles.

If you have a content tailored specifically for the Japanese audience, we guarantee seamless and evocative Japanese subtitles that will elevate your work to new heights.



highrockfilm is a film & video production company based in Tokyo. We regularly work with a range of domestic and international clients such as; Uniqlo, Redbull, Salesforce, Tsuburaya Production, AVEX group, Christian Dior, Volvo Group, UD Trucks, and Moet Chandon. The strengths that highrockfilm brings to each and every project are creativity, reliability, flexibility and mobility.  We ascertain the requirements, and organize crews in order to work efficiently and get optimal results.  As highrockfilm produces content globally, we bring talented creatives from different continents together, resulting in the highest quality productions in the film & video industry.

Hiroki Sugino is an award-winning director and producer. He started highrockfilm in Los Angeles while studying film production, before moving back to Japan in 2008. His first directed short film, Still Searching, was selected for the 2nd annual Akira Kurosawa Memorial Film Festival.  His first directed feature documentary film, FREEDIM won "Best Feature Documentary Film" and "First Director" awards in the 2018 World Music and Independent Film Festival. FREEDIM was officially selected for the Toronto International Independent Film Festival and Russia Film Festival, and screened at the African World Documentary Film Festival, IREP Film Festival and Belize International Film Festival in 2018.  He is now working on the documentary projects on "human drama on the aftermath from tsunami on 2011" and "a story to the legalization of marijuana in Japan from the perspective of epileptic patients." 





・2004 Panavision "New Filmmaker Program"

・2008 filmo "User Award"

・2009 filmo "User Award"

・2009 "D2 Marketing Award"

・2018 World Music & Independent Film Festival "Best Feature Documentary"  

・2018 World Music & Independent Film Festival "First Director"

・2019 Hong Kong Film Festival "Best Asian Film Awards"

・2019 Rome Film Festival Best Documentary Award

・2023 Tokyo International Cannabis Film Festival "Award"


​ Our Clients 

 Past Works 

Documentary Film - FREEDDIM Trailor

Documentary Film - Our Story in 3.11

Documentary Film - The Future of Cannabis 

Documentary Film - Don't Stop Trailor

Tsuburaya Production - HEROES

ULTRA JAPAN Official Aftermovie

Uber Eats - Refresh & Discovery

Moet & Chandon - Moet Imperial 150th Anniversary

SPRIX - Corporate Video VP

Shout Out Louds - Porcelain MV

​Starting Over by Jamaican Allstars

Nicky Romero - Toulouse MV

Tokyo Motor Show - Live Streaming

Moet Chandon - Moet Imperial 150th Aniversary

Tsuburaya Production - Tsubucon2023 PR


1-18-2 Koenjiminami Suginamiku Tokyo,  166-0003 Japan

(+81) 3-6876-9925

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